Sergiy Yuzvik

In 2018 he graduated from KIM them. Gliera in the class of drums.
He collaborated with such artists as: Khristina Solovy, Anna Zavalskaya, Verka Serduchka, KAZKA.
Member of many jazz groups such as: Smooth Operation, ELEI, Denis Adu Big Band, Aniko Dolidze Big Bend, Natasha Lebedeva, Laura Marty, Andrey Chmut.
At the moment, the permanent drummer: ALEKSEEV and Irina Bilyk.
Created a personalized model of Star Sticks “Sergey Yuzvik” sticks.
The sticks have the perfect balance for playing both heavy music and pop music and jazz.
Thanks to a small peculiar tip, you can achieve an unsurpassed rebound from plastic, or when playing a plate.
White varnish is also used, with a black font and the musician’s autograph.