Aleksey Berezhnoy


Aleksey began his musical activity from the age of 12 and decided to assemble a group with his classmates .

Being a schoolboy, he mastered drums and guitar (initially guitar was his passion but the band needed a drummer player J).

Alexei has no music education, and all his skills are developed  independently.

In 2003, he entered a  university to study Economics, simultaneously continuing to play in a group (in 2011,the team invented  a name YouCrane and created a cover project AngieNears few years later ).

In 2007, he started to work in field of finance and marketing, combining an office-based position with a musical career.

From 2007 to 2016, he collaborated with such collectives: YouCrane, AngieNears , Washing Tones, Karliki Broccoli as well as in session with EltonClapton, Vroda, UliRud Band, Death By Chocolate, Bez Obmezhen‘

During his cooperation with Elton Clapton in 2015-2017, Alexei worked in Kazakhstan and in the Maldives.

In 2017, Alexei ceased his financial occupation  and devoted himself to music,becoming a constant drummer for Bez Obmezhen‘.

Alexei uses Model 5a,a classic model, which was created  in the honor of the tour and marked by the team logo in 2017.