Caio Plínio

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Caio Plínio is a restless and creative musician, seeking constant improvement and not one to shy away from a challenge.
Performing professionally for the past 17 years, Caio’s biggest influences are black music and rock, both of them applied to Brazilian Music, which creates a unique and versatile playing style with brilliant groove.
He studied with some of the great Brazilian drummers, such as André “Limão” Queiroz, Lincoln Cheib and Gabriel Bruce, while also attending the Universidade de Música Popular (Bituca) and Centro de Formação Artística do Palácio das Artes (CEFAR), where he worked in various shows with the Percussion Group, Theater Formation Group and Ballet Jovem, all national references on musical education.
His professionalism and charisma helped him in securing gigs with important artists of the Brazilian and international gospel scence, such as Pe. Fábio de Melo and Ziza Fernandes, alongside the internationally acclaimed pop rock of the band Pato Fu, with whom he toured and made multiple national TV appearances.
He also participated on the acclaimed instrumental project Iconili, the soul-music band Berimbrown and many recordings and performances.
Currently, Caio is one of the owners of DaCapo Studios, where he works producing new artists and is the drummer for the latest tour for Fernanda Takai. He also performs with Daniel Bravo and Renato Enoch.