Denys Shvets

Born July 24, 1987 in the village of. Pobuzko (Kirovograd region.) For the first time he sat down for drums at age 14, then he joined his first group "Paragraph". Did not receive professional music education.
In 2008 he moved to the city of Dnipro, where he became a drummer of the group "... and Friend My Truck", which has a lot of solo performances in the countries of the CIS, Israel, Finland, and the performance in Budapest at the Sziget Festival. Since 2010, he has also started playing with the group "The Secret of the Third Planet".
Since 2012 he lives in Kiev. From that moment on, he joined the Antibodies group (2012-2017); He also played in such groups as: Vinipuz Mob, Foton 21, Krut, Shanti People.
The Denys Shvets name model was developed. This is something between the classic 5A and 5A Long (length: 413mm, diameter: 14mm). Universal model for any style: the balance of sticks on different dynamics makes it easy to control the rebound, and at the expense of the length to receive a powerful attack.