Frank Lejeune

High Voltage Ac/Dc Tribute

Started playing drums when I was 7 years old. 
Since 11 years, learned in a Conservatorium Music school Classic and Jazz style (Premier Prix de Conservatoire Liège Belgium) and played all this time timpani in the classic Philharmonic Orchestra Belgium.
I also teach drums and give percussion lessons at the CONSERVATORIUM at Luxembourg, Belgium and give private drum lessons.
For 30 years now played in several bands like The Answer / Trigger / Action in Dc / Pride in Joy / High Voltage.
With my actual band High Voltage we have more than 800 gigs until now and we played the biggest and impressive festivals in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland together with bands like Status Quo, Deep Purple, Manfred Man, Gotthard, …
A few years ago High Voltage was invited for a 14 gigs tour in China also what was a real highlight in the history of the band. 
Since 2010 endorsed by HTSDRUMS/B and TURKISH CYMBALS.
Since 2017 endorsed by Star Sticks (Ukraine)