Kelvin Amponsah

Born as a drummer and raised in Ghana, west Africa, Kelvin Kwame Amponsah, started as a young boy at the age of five years old playing drums with a march band in his elementary school and later moved on to the junior high school brass band which he played for four years at the age of twelve. Along the way, he learnt a bit about the bass guitar and also joined the morning star school's cultural group because of his deep love for the music where he played the percussion for a year. I personally define music as a deep feeling unexplained because of the feel, the rhythm and its ability to heal. The gift of musicianship groomed me to understand different types of music and its way it complements one another, that is why I am the drummer I am today. As of today, I am called the drummer with technique and groove by my drummer friends because I usually play what is required for the music in terms of adding dynamics, skill and applying rudiments.

Moreover, I have grown to understand that drumming is not about the licks and chops but rather what the music requires in terms of knowing where to place your strokes, knowing your time signatures and adding of syncopations to enhance your play to make the music rich and solid. Growing up my favourite drummer was and is still Tony Royster Junior. I have lots of drummers I look up to both locally and internationally and some of them are Tobi Medic Drums of Ukraine, Chris Coleman, Calvin Rogers, Eric Moore, Francis Osei, Emmanuel Bludo, Sunnie Snares, Larnel Lewis and a whole lot. I believe that every gifting given to us is special regarding the role we play as musicians; whether a keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, bass guitarist, saxist or even a vocalist and that no one can be as good as you in terms of how consistent you prepare yourself to becoming a better musician. 

Furthermore, kelvin has played for a number of musicians both in Ukraine and in Ghana and some are Gordon music, the Charis project, the Church of Pentecost, the National union of Ghanaian students, Ukraine award show and minister Gordon Adu-Yaw and planning on going to play the renaissance concert in Germany next year September, 2021. 

Lastly, my final words to the reader and to all drummers is that playing drums is fun and worth investing time into that's because we are the heart of the music and we are the real deal!